Malloc vs file storage stype

Starting from Varinsh Plugin release 2.0.0, you have the ability to set the "malloc" storage type via WHM -> Varnish -> Malloc. This feature improves performance, however, it can lead to instability (read Varnish crash) if not used properly. Here's a check list that you need to go through prior to enabling the feature:

1) Free memory on the system is plenty. Free memory in the system should you be more than what you have allocated to Varnish. For example, if you set Varnish memory in WHM -> UNIXy.Net Varnish -> Advanced Configuration to 512MB, your system should definitely have at least 768MB free memory.

2) That you keep monitoring Varnish to anticipate memory allocation increases in case your requirements change over time (unixy server clients please check with technical support as this is handled for you)

3) Monitor /var/log/message for varnish reports (memory allocation failures see advice #1 above)

One major problem malloc solves is instability due to heavy disk IO on the node (during intensive backup runs). So you can expect Varnish to run reliably throughout.

What if Varnish memory usage exceeds the server's free memory?

Upon reaching the threshold, Varnish will restart automatically.
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