Is the UNIXy Varnish Plugin compatible with Cloudflare?

Yes it compatible. You need to add the Cloudflare IPs to the file /etc/varnish/rpaf.extra.list. All IPs or IP blocks (CIDR) should go on ONE line inside the file. Then run this command as root: sh /scripts/installmodrpaf

Here's one command that will pull and put CF's IPs into /etc/varnish/rpaf.extra.list. Run it as root as one command you copy/paste into the shell then re-run "sh /scripts/installmodrpaf"

curl|while read ip; do echo -ne "${ip} "; done > /etc/varnish/rpaf.extra.list

Question: Is Varnish redundant when running behind Cloudflare?

Answer: No, Varnish speeds up page loading even when running behind Cloudflare. This is because Varnish does intelligent "page caching" and "file caching" and works closely with your scripts and Web server.

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