How good is Varnish? (customer testimonials)

You will find herein an unedited list of client testimonials on the UNIXY Varnish cPanel plugin.


Wow, not only are my ApacheBench results are better than LiteSpeed, but the load is much lower than w/ LiteSpeed!



I did install Varnish today. in order to see the impact on the server I had one terminal window (A) in which I did the install while I was watching top in another(B). By the time my eyes moved from window A when it said the install was done over to window B where top was running the server load was plummeting pretty much the way you might expect if port 80 had been closed or Apache had died, the effect was very dramatic. I quickly tried a browser to confirm that pages were being served, and they were of course, as top indicated with httpd lines.

Load on the server had been running between 2 and 3 which is fine on a quad core server, now about a half hour later I see 0.70, 0.91, 0.99. I think the cache is still filling up.

The automatic configuration settled on using 1GB of RAM which is what I had intended to try. I've been looking at the output of free for a few days and unused memory was running about 1.6 to 2GB most of the time. Oddly it now shows more free RAM than it did before I installed Varnish.

Most of the load on my server comes from one popular Wordpress blog and one SMF forum. Both seem faster, especially the blog.

On one installation of IPB forum I was initially logged out despite having previously been logged in permanently. After logging in again I seemed to become logged out once more while changing from one board to another. This has not recurred, if others report this I'll prolly exclude that domain in the WHM interface.

Currently it appears very likely I'll end my trial with a signup because it seems to be working better than I had expected.




I have a Dual-Core AMD Opteron(tm) with 3GB ram:

Before to install the plugin from (varnish plugin), at simultaneous users to one of my site's (a video sharing site) the load grew to 7-8, after installing the plugin's maximum load is 1 -1.50 . I will do other tests to come up with a comprehensive report.

I`m very shure it'sfaster thanNginx
Well, those results look good ,i will reply in a few days with more details.




Having installed this last night, it was rather simple to get up-and-running. I'd suggest adding something to the installation article in your knowledgebase though about creating the license file. Initially, I followed the installation article, but got an invalid license error and a complaint that the licensing file did not exist; with the installation halting. Once I found the article about how to create said file though, I did so, and the installation proceeded without issue.

So far, I've noticed a perceivable speed increase and decreased page-load times. Our server loads have always been quite good anyway, as we take care in managing our servers, but we should be able to do even better with this though. It's very early in our testing of it, but it does look promising.


So far this thing is rocking few things i suggested but other than that pretty good.

Quote Bacon and eggs are the best breakfast food. Make sure you eat them this weekend so that you can continue pumping out new versions that make this script even better.

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