VelocityPack's QueryBoost v1.4.0 EL8 has been released

This new release of QueryBoost has plenty of improvements and bug fixes across the board!


6 févr 2023
VelocityPack Redis 5 for cPanel - Improved Release

The Redis Plugin for cPanel version 5.0.0 is out for download. Major improvements include the upgrade of Redis, the user interface and user experience. The release is now available for download.



1er févr 2023
cPanel Varnish Plugin v6.2.0 is available for download!

We're excited to announce the release of the cPanel Varnish Plugin v6.2.0. This release has much needed improvements and stability.


24 mai 2019
cPanel Varnish Plugin v6.0


1. AutoSSL/Let's Encrypt/Custom SSL seamless integration

2. Upgrades across the board (Varnish 6.0.3)

3. UI improvements

4. Updated templates


30 avril 2019
Note on Docker for cPanel Private Beta

The private beta for the cPanel Docker plugin is nearing its end. We will make the plugin available for download as public beta. Please email info at unixy to be added to the notification list when it's made available.

20 mars 2019
Redis 5 for cPanel CentOS 7 v4.0.0

The 4.0 release of the cPanel for Redis plugin is now available for download.


20 mars 2019
Redis 5.0 for cPanel is now available with many improvements!

The latest release of the Redis 5 for cPanel plugin is now available for download. Do check it out!


18 nov 2018
New! Redis for cPanel CentOS 6

We're excited to announce the release of the cPanel Redis plugin for EL 6 (CentOS, Red Hat, and Cloud Linux). The release is available for download right away!

24 oct 2018
Redis 4 cPanel Plugin 2.2.0

A new release of the Redis plugin has made its way to the download area. This release contains an upgrade to Redis, a cPanel compatibility upgrade, and numerous bug fixes.

20 août 2018