Varnish for Litespeed plugin 2.4.0 EL7 release

The Varnish plugin for Litespeed has been released and is available for download right away.


27th Apr 2018
Redis 4 cPanel Plugin 2.0.0 for EL7

cPanel Redis 4 Plugin now runs the latest Redis 4 stable release with many improvements including CloudLinux resource integration and many improvements. It's now available for download.


27th Apr 2018
cPanel Redis Plugin - Beta - is LIVE!

We're pleased to announce the release of the cPanel Redis Plugin - a plugin that manages Redis securely for cPanel users without the need for support intervention. Security: one private instance per cPanel user with authentication One-click upgrade Managed Redis installations and instances Cross-sell Redis to your existing user base Take ... Leer Más »

9th Jul 2017
DirectAdmin Varnish Plugin 3.0.0 Release with SSL Caching!

We're delighted to announce the 3.0 release of the DirectAdmin Varnish Plugin. This release comes with a lot of improvements. Notably the seemless SSL/TLS caching and many other improvements and bug fixes. The release is available in your download area right away!

16th Apr 2017
DirectAdmin Varnish Plugin 2.0.0 Release

We're happy to announce the release of the DirectAdmin Varnish Plugin 2.0.0. This release brings much stability and upgrades to the DA plugin including a new release for the EL7 architecture.


6th Mar 2017
Important information: cPanel Varnish and cPanel Varnish Nginx plugins

We've got great news to share with you: The Varnish Plugin got a major makeover! 
We've got core updates across the board. The launch of a control-panel agnostic platform code-named Cachoid ( ). And completely free support for the plugin. It's a fast site for everyone and we mean it!


28th Feb 2017
cPanel Varnish Nginx 3.0.0 for EL5, EL6, EL7

We're pleased to announce the release of version 3.0 of the Varnish Nginx plugin. This release contains the following changes: 1) Fix duplicate cache issue (www / non-www) 2) Fix timeout issues with long running jobs via HTTP 3) Implement IPv6 4) Varnish SSL 5) Paper Lanter GUI bug fix 6) Upgrade to latest Varnish and Ningx 7) Fix ... Leer Más »

25th Dec 2015
cPanel Varnish Plugin 2.4.0 for CentOS 7, Red Hat 7, CloudLinux 7

The cPanel Varnish and Nginx Plugin for EL7 is now available for download in your client area.


5th Aug 2015