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cPanel Redis Plugin

$10 *$7

The cPanel Redis Plugin is a feature-rich software product built by UNIXy, a fully managed server company, that enables owners of cPanel WHM servers to install, control, and manage the Redis service from the comfort of their cPanel WHM interface. The plugin includes several features that go beyond the installation of Redis 5. We have engineered the most stable, reliable, and secure implementation in the market. We have perfected the plugin and improved it to include features that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to implement.

* When paid annually


The cPanel Redis Plugin brings you Redis 5, an in-memory data structure store, and unleaches its full potential on cPanel WHM. The plugin automatically installs Redis, integrates it with your cPanel WHM server, and packs smart programming to unlock amazing performance improvements. Performance improvements that are, regarldess of current server optimizations, severalfold better than your current benchmarks.


By default, Redis 5 comes with very simple instructions so that it starts up and accepts connections. However, there are some security that need to be considered in a shared environment. Namely password protection, memory utilization and accounting, multi-user management, and more. These aspects have been thought out from the get-go with the cPanel Redis Plugin.

Quick Glance

Security Built-in

Each user has their own Redis instance for extra security along with service password protection. These layers prevent memory snooping attacks.

Best Performance

We have engineered the plugin so your software ecosystem continues to run unaffected. Best of all you gain a whole new world of performance.

Made Friendly

It takes less than a minute to install and is fully enabled and compatible with your scripts and software. A few clicks away from deployment.

cPanel Compatible

The plugin integrates with both cPanel and WHM so both administrators and end-users are able to manage Redis and caching from the GUI.

End User Features

cPanel users have access to many features like starting new instances, disabling the cache, adjusting caching, and purging the cache.

Automatic Installation

The cPanel Redis Plugin comes with batteries included and is compatible with cPanel & WHM. The installer does the rest.

cPanel Redis Plans


1 Month
$ 10 /mo

Month to Month

$ 7 /mo

Big Savings

Owned Paid Once
$ 150 paid once

Greater Savings



Control Panel: cPanel WHM 11.60+
Operating System: Red Hat / CentOS / CloudLinux 6.x and 7.x
Platform AMD64 / x86 32-bit or 64-bit
Hardware 1-core, 512MB RAM or better