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QueryBoost for cPanel

$15 *$11

VelocityPack's QueryBoost is THE missing feature in the world of cPanel and MySQL / MariaDB performance. QueryBoost is a proxy that sits between your application and the database. It gains insight into the costlier and slower queries and then caches them for the most optimal performance boost.

Tired of those pesky WordPress wp_options SQL statements sucking up all the CPU/memory resources? Yep, this is one of many things that this software addresses!

* When paid annually


MySQL has long shipped with the Query Cache feature but its actual performance has been abismal. In fact, it can even slow queries down when misused. Though keep in mind that the Query Cache has been deprecated as of MySQL 5.7.x. This is where the QueryBoost plugin comes in. It not only obliterates the Query Cache in terms of performance, QueryBoost is just in its own league.


QueryBoost is a service that runs in two modes: caching and non-caching. In caching mode it's able to seamlessly identify any and all queries you've selected to cache and accelerate. You can select as many queries as needed via cPanel (see screen shots). You can also set the duration of time after which the query cache will expire. Each query can have its own expiry time.

In the next feature that is being developed, you can instruct QueryBoost's compact AI engine to selectively cache SELECT queries that it deems most optimal for your website. You can then give it autonomy to take the best decision while you're unavailable or too busy to attend to your website.

Quick Glance

cPanel Compatible

The plugin integrates with both cPanel and WHM. End-users are able to deploy and manage SQL query caching from the cPanel GUI.

End User Features

cPanel users can manage their SQL query caching at a granular level right from cPanel with a few clicks.

Automatic Setup

The QueryBoost installer for cPanel installs everything that's needed for a complete turnkey solution.

QueryBoost for cPanel Plans


1 Month
$ 15 /mo

Month to Month

$ 11 /mo

Big Savings

Owned Paid Once
$ 200 paid once

Greater Savings



Control Panel: cPanel WHM 11.60+ w/ Paper Lantern
Operating System: Red Hat / CentOS / CloudLinux 7+
Database Support: MySQL / MariaDB
Platform AMD64 / x86 64-bit
Hardware 1-core, 512MB RAM or better