Managed WordPress Varnish Nginx SSL Server

Typically, plain SSL processing (TLS handshake) takes an significant amount of resources out of every HTTP transaction. This performance drag is directly experienced by end users manifests itself in excruciatingly slow page loads. And in a ecommerce configuration like WooCommerce, it's detrimental to your online business' health and future. Luckily, we LOVE challenges and it also just happens that we love helping people even more!

We have concocted the most sophisticated WordPress Nginx SSL stack based on the venerable Varnish Cache. The technology stack is so efficient it is guaranteed to give you the best performance. In other words, an SSL-backed WordPress Website that usually takes seconds to load now pulls in less than half a second! That's right, kick your slow-loading SSL WordPress server to the curb! A typical WordPress site contains less than 8% dynamic content including the Woocommerce cart system and user data. In other words, your server is doing 92% of the same tedious, resource intensive work over and over and over again. Our Varnish stack is very cognizant of this well known problem and puts a dead stop to it.

Everything looks great! Page load in 1.5s TTFB in 110ms!! You guy rock!
-- Brandon / Net Braze

How are we accomplishing this exceptional page load boost? First and foremost, technology runs very deep in UNIXy's culture. So deep a passion we never stop looking for ways to cut more miliseconds off your page loads. In WordPress' case, we leverage Nginx to terminate SSL and cache the majority of page requests in Varnish. We also reduce the number of SSL transactions required to pull a page. Because each transaction incurs a significant performance hit. This is in addition of our proven server performance optimization works. Yes, we know our way around Linux servers extremely well and want you to benefit from it. Performance and quality of support are our biggest focus. We are a truly fully managed provider with premium data center facilities in the US and Europe.

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Our truly managed service is already priced in and carries no extra fees or additional costs. We are always happy to listen and help out. For more advanced plans or special inquiries use the contact form here.

Your WordPress site doesn't have to be slow. The right Varnish programming is the only way to get WordPress to perform exceptionally well. We guarantee it!
All custom software configurations are supported.
Fully managed servers. A control panel is not required.
24/7/366 technical support. Highly experienced Linux techs.
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We are very satisfied with the service and help provided. Response from support is quick and excellent!
-- Predrag
I have someone 24hrs a day with a blackberry ready to help my team. Their response time is impressive.
-- Francisco M.