Load Balancer Software for the Cloud
We built software that will conveniently install and manage the Varnish load balancer on as small as a virtual machine or VPS instance running in the cloud. This software is free of licensing limitations that are typical of commercial hardware and/or software load balancers. Here are some of the features that are being offered with this software:
Ability to cache static files as well as dynamic pages on the LB.
Ability to run the LB stack on a relatively small VM or VPS in the cloud.
No artificial limits. Use your system resources to the fullest.
Ability to store multiple LB configuration (roll-back).

The story behind this software is inspired by our clients. We learn so much from them and feel lucky to be able to give back and share. The idea behind this software is not revolutionary nor novel but it speaks volume about our collborative work with our clients. The video below shows a demo of the software in action. We are rapidly improving the software and are actively adding new features so be sure to check back often.

Our clients have access to this software for free and receive full support from us. An owned license can be purchased should you need to run this software on your own equipment and network for $199, which includes one installation. A full installation and support add-ons are also available should you need assistance. Use one of our contacts to inquire about this software: http://www.unixy.net/contact-unixy/

  • Static and/or dynamic caching
  • Ability to run LB on a VPS in the cloud
  • Visual graphs for resource usage
  • Store multiple LB configurations (roll-back)
  • No artificial limits. Use your system resources to the fullest
  • cPanel compatible

  • RHEL 6.x / CentOS 6.x x86_64
  • Python 2.6
  • 200Mhz CPU w/ 40MB RAM
  • 1 IP (v4) Address

All advanced configurations are managed by us at no extra charge
24/7/366 Blackberry enabled techs that are always reachable
Highly trained engineers with decades of experience
World-class facilities and premium BGP bandwidth
Deep code trouble shooting and remediation
Service and support are our strength
Highly uptime-conscious business
We don't nickel and dime
We love to please clients
We serve our customers with heart
We are very satisfied with the service and help provided. Response from support is quick and excellent!
-- Predrag
I have someone 24hrs a day with a blackberry ready to help my team. Their response time is impressive.
-- Francisco M.