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What is the cPanel Varnish Litespeed Plugin?

The cPanel Varnish Litespeed Plugin is a feature-rich software product built by UNIXy, a fully managed server company, that enables owners of cPanel WHM servers already running Litespeed to install, control, and manage Varnish Cache from the comfort of their cPanel WHM interface. The plugin includes several features that go beyond the installation of Varnish. We have engineered the most stable, reliable, and fastest VCL in the market. We have perfected the plugin and improved it to include features that would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to implement. Your websites load at record speeds while maintaining compatibility with the cPanel ecosystem including EasyApache, Litespeed, Apache, and PHP modules and extensions.

Varnish Cache Made Friendly

The plugin takes less than a minute to install and run. The Varnish Configuration Language comes fully enabled and compatible with Litespeed, your scripts and software. Streamline your Varnish deployments and management.

WordPress, Magento, and Drupal Add-ons

Starting from plugin version 2.2.0, we have released script-specific add-ons for WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. This means Varnish delivers even greater performance for these scripts while maintaining full compatibility. Read more.

End User Features

Your end users enjoy the best experience. They have access to cPanel controls that gives them granular control over Varnish caching, down to the subdomain level. They can turn on/off caching, adjust file / page caching, and purge the cache all from a simple screen without needing to enter a single support request.

Compatibility and Performance

We have engineering the plugin so Apache and PHP continue to run unaffected. Your software is guaranteed to be compatible with the VCL logic. Best of all you gain a whole new world of performance, stability, and features.

Enhanced Security Rules

We have gone above and beyond to enhance the plugin with VCL native Modsecurity rules that will protect your server from SQL injection, hacking attempts, and malicious activity. Varnish's multi-threading architecture makes it tenacious and a strong deterant of Denial of Service attacks.

Feature Rich

The plugin has matured to include over 20 features ranging from convenience and performance to security. With a few mouse clicks, you now have unprecedented access and control of performance, security, and stability.

Varnish-Powered Fully Managed Servers

UNIXY is a fully managed server provider with data center locations around the world including Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, and Rotterdam NL. Our understanding and mastery of Varnish and its programming language (VCL) has put us in a unique position to help our clients speed up their websites 100% to 400% more over the plugin itself! While the plugin's performance is an industry record in term of performance, our managed service goes even further in our quest to deliver scalable and lightening fast configurations for our clients.

Our fully managed service is unique and very affordable. Our servers are priced competitively and start at $45/mo. Best of all, our fully managed service is already included in the price that you see online in our store. You don't pay a dime extra to get access to our superior engineering department. We have developed technology for virtually every software product out there from phpFox, vBulletin, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others. We are always more than happy to help our clients.


  • Both Dynamic and Static Object Caching
  • Auto Upgrade / Installation of Varnish
  • Auto Installation / Deinstallation
  • Environment Detection
  • cPanel WHM Integration
  • Varnish Advanced Configuration (Knob-like feature)
  • Cache Hit / Miss Statistics
  • Opt-out Domain List Served Directly by Apache
  • VCL Script Compatibility
  • Implementation of Modsecurity rules in the VCL
  • Ability to trigger a no-cache directive via URL


Benchmark data has been collected and showcased on the apache vs litespeed page and the Varnish page.


  • cPanel WHM
  • Litespeed
  • CentOS / RHEL 5.x and 6.x - Supports 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Python >= 2.4 (Installed by default on CentOS / Redhat cPanel WHM)
  • 200Mhz CPU w/ 24MB RAM for Installation
  • PCRE Lib - Auto-Installed
  • PHP Curl SSL Libraries (via EasyApache or Custombuild)

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